Saturday, 26 February 2011

Mese mamanak

Once there was a fairy and her name was Rosie. She had a little sister named Hanna...

Volt egyszer egy tunder es ugy hivtak hogy Rosie, volt neki egy  kistestvere az o neve pedig Hanna volt...

Thursday, 24 February 2011


This is my blog and it is my very first blog.In this blog you will read all about my life me my family and how I'm getting along with Hanna and sometimes and maybe I will write some of my songs so that you can sing them too.Sometimes I might even tell you about how my reading and writing is coming along.So that's it for now but I will be writing on my blog. Bye Bye!

Ez az én blogom es ez az elso blogom.Ezen a blogon majd olvashatsz rolam, a csaladomrol, es arrol is hogyan vagyok Hannaval es lehet hogy irok nehany zenet,hogy te is enekelhesd majd oket.Neha arrol is irok majd,hogy hogyan megy az olvasas meg az iras .Ennyi legyen mostanra,majd irok megint.Szia!